Sunday, August 22, 2010

More Moons......

this is the rest of the moon pictures the male child took on Friday night....
Several of you asked what lens we used....

The Nikon is a Coolpix P100 and this is the lens that came with the camera..

A "wide 26x zoom"....

10.3 megapixels

Zoomed in out (in?) to the max....

I think the male child has a knack for being in the" right " the" right" time....with the "right" conditions........and we all know he has some sort'a camera attached to the" right" hand most of the time.....!!

Cause he told me he used the automatic focus and settings.....!!


  1. As we walked last evening we were looking at the moon and discussing the picture of the moon. Bot are astonished that the camera would do that good.Funny the moon here in Kansas looked the same.
    We have not found Toto nor Dorthy!

    From Bob Dole's home town, Russell, KS
    Sherry & Jack

  2. Great pictures! I often wish I had a zoom lens for my camera!

  3. Your son does amazing work with cameras!

  4. Wow, your son is a good photographer!

  5. We barely got to see the moon between the trees and the cloud cover last night. My camera would never do as well on auto. It barely picks up a white dot in the sky. Your son does have a gift for photography. I am thankful for it as I'm sure you are too! Hope your Sunday is a great one!

  6. WOW! Awesome pictures with that Nikon!! Love the pics.