Sunday, June 7, 2009

Don't tell.....

....your compulsive collection oriented family ....that you might....maybe....your thinking ....about collecting a few cookie jars!!!
It started with this one ...... that i found at a flew market for just $2.00....hey!'s Noah's Ark and i thought it was kind'a cute and needed a good home.......
Then the husband and kids got involved....and these appeared

Then the parents added a few.......

Then the in-laws, aunts and uncles pitched in......
Then the seasons changed and the Christmas gifts from all of the above and the co-workers got into the act.......
Not pictured are the chicken, polar bear and igloo......they're on the mantels and i forgot to take they're picture....sorry!
The thing that worries me......... is the 4 boxes still in the basement that i haven't unpacked yet.....
Where will i put them....????
Maybe i'll send them to the female child.....
i think they would go well with her.......ceramic fish-shaped soup tureens.....!


  1. Great collection! though they can take over, can't they?

    I used to collect books like some do teacups but when I moved from a house to an apartment I had to trim down. Which was painful!

  2. Collecting is so fun that it's difficult to find an "end" to it, even when displaying becomes a project of its own. Cookie jars are a great thing to collect. They look so fun displaying on top of the cabinets.

  3. You can always use the ones that you're willing to part with as "perpetual gifts" ... fill it with cookies and give it to someone, on the condition that they fill it with cookies and give it to someone else, on the condition that they fill it with cookies and give it to someone ... the "rule" is that you can't give it back to the person who gave it to you in the first place.

  4. now start collecting cookies to fill up those jars

  5. what a cute interesting collection!!! when you are ready to part from them, you can always fill them up with the cookie of your choice and pass them on to friends; I bet they really would enjoy that gift :)


  6. That is so funny. A beautiful collection!

  7. They are precious! I guess we all collect something. Thanks for sharing your's.

  8. I'll take the Tweety BIrd, Oreo cookie and and the jelly bean.

  9. Love the cookie jars. I just brought a rooster one - now I have to keep it full.