Friday, June 5, 2009


Friday.......once again it's time to take a look over my shoulder and review this past week...For a slow week....with nothing of major importance going on ..... the last few days have flown bye......
1. Parental units finally moved into the Lodge.....only took 8 weeks!!
2. RAIN, RAIN and more rain
3. Daily Flash Floods warnings
4. City Boy's first opportunity to do some volunteer work for the local VA van service

5. Male Child started the summer session at college......yeah!!
6. Got our incentive check with this month's Social Security...only to find out on the same day ....that my truck needed new brakes......oh well!! was in the account for about 2 hours>>
7. Started my newest quilting project...need to finish by the end of August....gonn'a be a wedding present for a co-worker of City Boys....
8. Almost forgot!!!.......Dogs got the first bath of the season!!
Well......the weekend is upon us.....we're both off work.....
I'm sure City Boy has all kinds of plans...
As long as it includes going to the Watauga Farmers's OK with me!!


  1. Good Morning...I'd say you had a pretty busy week.

    *I have been trying to reach you through your were the first to comment on my 200th post, so I would like to prepare a little package for you*

    Have a great day ~Natalie

  2. I too would say you had a pretty busy week. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. If you are ever in town on a Sunday morning, stop by the High Country Farmers Market next to EarthFare and look me up, selling eggs.

  4. my check went to bills also, was not intended for that purpose

  5. Enjoy your weekend and the Farmers Market ~ Ally x

  6. Farmer's market sounds good to me too.

  7. actually, I think it is a God-send to get the incentive check at the same time you needed the new brakes; at least you 'broke even' sort of, right?

    hoping you got some extra sleep despite the lawn mower running at the un-godly hour of 7:30 a.m. Our 20-year-old cuts our grass,and mercifully, he is not an early riser :)

    enjoy your weekend; hope you made it to the Farmer's Market


  8. Hi Linda May! It was so fun catching up with your blog!! You always brighten my day!! Wow! 7:00am on your day off???? Poor dear...get the shotgun!!! (smiles) Have fun at the Farmers Market, hope you find some neat stuff! Can't wait to see your quilt.