Tuesday, July 14, 2009


This is the view for the late afternoon deer watch......this is the norm....

But last night.......about 9:45 pm......the dogs went ballistic!!!!

When we flipped on the flood lights......


My brain immediately went to the movie "Twister".....

"cows.......we've got cows...."

There they were munching away on the deer corn and apples......they were even eating the birdseed that was on the ground......

Well.....Mia and Max have never seen cows this close before .... they were barking and backing-up....wish we had remembered to take some pictures!!!

Well.......maybe the "big" deer will be back tonight....

Enjoy your Tuesday.....i'm canning tomatoes....another "City Boy" bargain box!!


  1. Awww cows are not as graceful as the deer.

  2. It sounds like one of your neighbors cows got loose and decided to go visiting. Hope they found their way home.

  3. Steaks still in the original container!

  4. I hope those cows found their own way home ~ Ally x

  5. I've had cows pop up in our backyard from time to time while we lived in Georgia. Of course now we can have rattle snakes, javalina, mountain lions, bears or coyotes since we live in Arizona.

    Would take a cow over those any day! :)

  6. LindaMay, aren't they so funny! My dog is so use to the horses that the neighbor kids ride back and forth on the road in front of the house, that she doesn't even pay much attention to them anymore. But the other day, the neigbors had their cows grazing in the pasture right across the street from our home...and I could not get Freeway to stop barking!!! I was afraid to let her outside! It's funny, I thought because they were both huge animals that perhaps the doggy wouldn't distinguish between them. Not so!! Probably the differences between the unfamiliar smell of the animal. Those pups are really something!
    Bless you~Sharon

  7. In Southern, Maryland it does not surprise me anymore to run into livestock while driving. I've seen horses, cattle, bulls (scarey), donkeys and once an emu, lol. Oh, and I always always always stop for turtles.