Saturday, December 17, 2011

Inside day....

...Mia and i are spending the day in bed...

She has improved a little ...but... is still short of breath..
but she ate her doggie treat this morning...

Always a good sign...

I'm still sniffeling and trying to keep this mess out of my lungs...

Max has agreed to be our Nancy Nurse....

Life is Good


  1. But, but, but the header picture looks so bright healty and cheerful!
    Just lay back and enjoy being nursed by Max the magnificent.
    Hope you all are better soon!!!!~!
    Warm thoughts from Florida

  2. I hope you two get to feeling better as the day moves along. Helen

  3. Do some deep breathing! Us old people don't do well with Pneumonia..I hope both you and Mia get better real soon. We had a dog with an enlarged heart too..she did ok..hope it is the same for Mia:)

  4. Nurse Nancy has a full plate.
    Hope all of you are feeling 100% very soon.

  5. Sure hope the day in bed did you both a world of good.