Thursday, December 15, 2011


Max and Mia are soaking up the sun puddles while they last....
the rains are suppose to start tonight...!!

They're keeping watch and keeping me company as i sit on the sofa and silently fight a winter cold....


Sinuses are swollen and hurt......throat fire comes and goes.....nose is beginning to drip....
I don't have time to be sick....!!

I think my friend ..... that has been home with pneumonia for two weeks.....sent me her germs inside the Christmas card i recieved yesterday....
Licking the envelope......germy tongue......Ouuuuuuuu.....!!

Anyway.....i'm blaming this on her....
Thanks Jamie....!! i come.....

Life is Good


  1. We fly home to Seattle today from the Big Island of Hawaii. A friend has suggested we wear face masks on the plane!

  2. 'ats right, we are taught by our govermnt, blame somebody!!!! We learn well.

    Sorry to hear you are sick, the kids will stay away from Max & Mia don't want that stuff. they want to be ready for Christmas.

    Sending some healing thoughts, prayer and warmth from Florida.

  3. Sooo sorry you are sick. Been there, done that and Alka-seltzer plus finally gave me relief.
    Hope you are really a bunch better soon.

  4. I guess it is that time of year. So many seem to get that awful stuff just in time for Christmas. I certainly hope that pneumonia isn't included in your distress. Take care and get better soon...remember that chicken soup helps.

  5. Oranges, orange juice and chicken soup. Get well soon, BlueRidgeBoomer.

  6. Oh, my, hope you feel better soon... Getting rain here, too, but I consider it an improvement over 20 some degree freezing fog!


  7. Hi there, So sorry you are fighting this cold bug...drink lots of hot liquids and that should help.
    Hugs today.

  8. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well, especially at holiday time. Sending you well wishes.