Sunday, December 11, 2011

Spurt #4.....

....Christmas Cards....

Signed...labeled...and mailed....!!

Life is Good


  1. Looks like Christmas is gonna happen at your house this year. Have fun getting ready.

  2. You are ahead of me. I'm still only halfway done with those but hope to get it done this evening. There is a Christmas movie I want to watch and I can work on them then. Hope your Sunday is a wonderful one!

  3. Stopping by from Ma's. Still waiting to get my cards, but am optimistic I'll get them done.

  4. We're on the Big Island from December 5 to 15 so our cards went out early this year. The tradition seems to be ebbing - only 36 cards sent, as opposed to more than twice that many some years ago - before Facebook, at least!

    Our Viet Nam book has been published! This vet's wife is relieved and a little scared to have the story out there.

  5. Nice. Good for you. All these little spurts are adding up.

  6. Awwww, the task is complete. OUrs also. AFter the postage bill this ye3ar over $50 I am suggesting dropping it next year (I think I do that every year!)
    Oh well, Merry Christmas,
    Sherry & Jack

  7. Good evening, Linda Mae,
    Wow...your Christmas Cards are ready for the usps. That's impressive!!

    Happy Monday ~Natalie

  8. I got all but about 3 of my cards out late last week... not sure I will even do them at all next year though. It's a lot of work.