Sunday, March 11, 2012

In the Mail Box....

...was a new kit from "Quilts for Kids.."

This one looks just right for a little boy..

I think i'll name it "Monkey Business..."

Live in the Moment


  1. Looks like a suitable name, and yeah for a boy!!!
    Good stuff you do young lady!!!

    Love from a rainy day in Florida! Our son dropped by to spend the night, always a pleasant surprise. He had made a delivery to Sebring Raceway from Charlotte.

  2. Looks interesting, I am anxious to see how you put it together.
    Happy Sunday!

  3. Perfect colors and prints for a little boy. Having a few sons and grandsons too I know how they can get up to some monkey business for sure. Sunny day and finally warmer here today. Hope your Sunday is off to a great start!