Thursday, March 15, 2012


(picture - March 15, 2010)

Sorry about yesterday....
But...for the last two days i have been speechless....stunned....wordless...writerless...
You see...
I we got the explanation of benefits for my hospital bill on Tuesday afternoon...
I was in the hospital for approx. 26 hours and had my female organs removed...
Does this seem a little high ($$) to you...?
Here's the good part....
My insurance is paying nothing...
Zero.....Nada....$0.00.....Nope not a thing...
The hospital has me billed as an out-patient..
Which to the insurance company means observation patient only....
Observation....??!!....i had my guts ripped out...!!
Today the phone calls begin...
To the the doctor(which is paid in full by the way)
To change my patient status from out to in....
In hopes that the powers that be at the insurance company will pay

If not....
To quote CityBoy....."we'll pay'um $50 bucks a month until you die..."
Great thought....isn't it...!!

On a brighter note.....the income tax return came !!

Live in the Moment


  1. Unbelievable! Yes. I would be stunned, too.

  2. I can imagine STUNNED! Don't know what I would be. I might go into heart failure and they would have to get the blood fromthe turnip. OUCH that is terrible. Hope you get it straightened out!!!!!

  3. Stunned would be putting it mildly in my books for sure. What a great bother you'll be going through to get it all straightened around. Hopefully your insurance and the doctor set it all straight for you very soon and then can ENJOY the tax return. Praying as always for many happy returns of the day!

  4. Medical tourism to another country would have given you 5 star service and a bill of maybe $7,000 or notched are...HMM, this country has gone nuts.....We have no insurance and I have several things gong on an no one will listen here in the Piedmont Triad, NC...time for medical tourism.
    Hope you talk to the powers that be where you had the surgery and make noise....
    Have a great day in the high country of NC

  5. I'm not shocked at the hospital prices, but shocked that insurance isn't paying. I hope you win. Otherwise hubby's advice will work.

  6. Wishing you well with the insurance co. So sorry you are going through that!

  7. Oh my gosh girl. What a worry. Hope it gets straightened out or yes pay it like City Boy says.

  8. Hi there, Ouch is right! You should challenge it or have arbitration-a friend of mine did because of a similar situation...she had breast cancer and has a lump removed and thought it would be cheaper to go home after the surgery-she was billed $40,000. Thankfully, the insurance company settled the claim. Good thing to check on in the future, but hopefully none of us will need to be in the hospital. Thoughts for a speedy and complete recovery to you.
    Hugs, Noreen

  9. I would be stunned too..I hope you get it all straightened out. If not tell them you will stop by and have your uterus put back in and then you will be even:)