Thursday, June 28, 2012

A one anda two anda three....

It's inventory day at the park...
we'll be counting all the stuff....emptying all the closets and cabinets...
the end of the fiscal year is Saturday...!
Time flys when your having fun...
Live in the Moment


  1. And it don't get 'funner' than that!!!!!!!!! Oh well, get er done, and then you can move on to better projects.

  2. I guess I never thought about a park having to do inventory. It is like any other business after all. Hope all goes well and that you have a great Thursday!

  3. Oh no! Inventory just when you're prepping for a full weekend! That should be fun!! :)

  4. People should inventory their 'stuff' yearly. Maybe it would not accumulate so much and lose some 'good stuff'. Hope it was fun! LOL