Monday, July 16, 2012

Another picture of.....


It was another ho-hum weekend around the ole' Twelve Acre Wood..
Here's the hi-lights..

  • CityBoy worked Saturday and Sunday
  • MaleChild started purging his room....moving day is August 10th
  • Made a run to the cute Vet 'cause Mia's asthma started up again.
  • Read the first book of the Hunger Games series.
  • Woke-up Sunday with a lost beagle in the backyard...fed it..named it..and was planning where to put the doghouse...and then it disappeared.
  • Did 7 loads of laundry.
  • Watched Mia wheeze.
  • Cooked Sunday dinner.....London Broil....squash casserole....sweet potatoes....sliced was yummy
  • Put up 7 bags of peaches.....7 seems to be my number...
  • Watched the deer eat the peach strings.
  • Did not see Windy...but...Bucky made an appearance.
  • Watched Drop Dead Diva and Army Wives...
Another exciting weekend...

Live in the Moment


  1. Sure hope that beagle found his way home. Beagles are runners and I adopted the two that I used to have because they were lost. I never dared to let them off their leashes. They'd run like crazy. They were too busy sniffing out all the critters around to pay any attention to where they were going. All in all it seems you had a great weekend. Hope your Monday is a wonderful one.

  2. That Windy is so cute. Seven loads of laundry, oh my goodness!!!

  3. The doggie will know where to come back to if it runs away again.

  4. Sounds like a busy weekend. I hope Mia is ok now. Windy is so cute.

  5. Don't appear to be a ho hum weekend to me. Probably a good thing the beagle made it off, Beagles are pretty smart, he probably does this at several places before he makes it home. Probably mas spread the word about the London Broil!!!! hahaha

    Love from Virginia,'Battle of Cedar Creek RV Park'. Glad that ain't mu address, I's abbreviate.

  6. Actually, it sounds like a pretty good weekend!