Friday, July 6, 2012

We aint got..... stink'n fleas...!!

Max does have flea allergies...
the scratching, chewing and moaning started Tuesday night
and out came the children's Benadryl..
then yesterday a trip to the cute vet..
it's the fleas he doesn't have that is causing him to itch...
it only takes one bite for him to get a reaction..
poor little guy got a shot in the hip and we will give him Benadryl for a few more days...
last year we took him to the cute vet on July 9th for the same thing...
Next year i'll start the flea "Off" meds the end of June...

Live in the Moment


  1. Hope he stops itching soon. Drives everybody crazy.

  2. Poor baby...heard the fleas were going to be bad this year because of the warm winter. We've been lucky. No fleas for Lucy so far.

  3. They did say this year was supposed to be a bad one for fleas and ticks. Yep, those meds do make life more comfortable. I had a dog once that had to have them too. Hope your Friday is a fantastic one!

  4. I hope he's feeling a lot better by now! I know what a pain being itchy can be!

  5. You might want to lag a little with the flea medicine so you get to see the cute vet. Oh no! I'm just kidding I hope your doggie gets the itching over with. It is miserable for everyone.

  6. Hi, This is one thing I don't miss about Calif. I love that we don't have them here-I guess it is too cold.
    Hugs today; hopefully Max will feel better soon.

  7. Yeah, Paula is on to something!!!
    Sorry to hear about the flea/medicine problems. Dat is an ongoing problem here with the grand dogs.
    MJ just got her flea bath yesterday!!!

    Take care...

  8. The Camping sounds like a good idea down your way, as far as fleas go, we live in senior citizen housing, very small dogs and house cats are allowed. However all it takes is for Anna Mae to walk down a hall way and if theres a flea there its gonna bite her !!

  9. Now that is a new one for me - no fleas but plagued by flea allergies. Poor poochie ~