Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day 6.....

Yes....friends.....this is day 6 of my six day work week...

Today is the New River Celebration
as i like to call it
The Snott Otter Festival..!
After all....we're celebrating the largest salamander...
the Hellbender...the  Snott Otter....the Devil Dog....the Mud Puppy... has many names...
and i'm already tired...!

Live in the Moment


  1. The festival sounds like a lot of fun. But working 6 days in a row does not. It's raining here today so there won't be much going on outside here. I'm not complaining cause we need it badly. Hope your Saturday is a super one!

  2. I hope you're not too tired after six days of work to have some fun for yourself!!!

  3. I think I saw one of those guys once! We humans have a way of making a festive occasion, all we need is half a reason, or maybe a Hellbender!!!!

  4. LOL, quite creative. A festival sounds fun!