Friday, November 30, 2012

It's Time.... pack away the scarecrows, colorful leaves, pilgrims, Indians, and pumpkins...
time to drag out the winter stuff...

I like fall decorations you can get 3 months out of fall decoration..!
September - November....and even August if you stretch it....

But Winter......hummmmmm
Santa and the tree are good for December thru New Year.... month and one week...
Doesn't compare...

Maybe this year i'll do snowmen, penguins, snowflakes and ice...
Should last thru March....right?


Live in the Moment


  1. Yes, I let the snowmen stay out through January here too, but I still have all the rest. After January 6th, I slowly start putting everything but the snowmen away. I am doing the same here...putting fall away this week and getting ready for December. Hope you have a fantastic Friday!

  2. I agree. My winter door hanger says, "Let it Snow". It stays on the door from November until February. Sometimes March.

  3. Girls. You gotta love 'em, but with you ladies, nothing stays the same. Gotta add, then take away, then add.

    Oh I like to see the decorations and enjoy them, but I am lay and reluctant to pull the tree and stuff out from under the bed where they ride all year waiting for that month of freedom.

    I guess yours are the same, getting some fresh air, LOL