Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Officially Old...?

My first Social Security check appeared in the checking account this morning...

Does this make me officially old...?
or just eligible for my "entitlement".
(I dislike that word..."entitlement"....hey! buds..! i worked long and hard for this money..!!)

I believe that age is an attitude...not...a number..
i guess i'll be 12 forever...!

Live in the Moment


  1. You worked hard for to put money into the retirement system, and you have earned every penny, and then some. Enjoy your new found money!!!

  2. I remember my first Social Security check and how great it felt to get it. We did work long and hard for it so we deserve to enjoy it! It's not like we didn't put it in there to begin with...Enjoy !

  3. I hate that word did work for are not young and in good health just waiting for that check to roll worked long and hard, you paid into it....

  4. Most of the time we never thought of it, it was just taken out or we just had to send in a %, but the closer the 60's came, you did start thinking I hope it is there when I get ready to retire. I know it is not wise to trust politicians, but we must trust them to figure how to make the system solid, as it was before they spent the money on other stuff.
    Enjoy and you ain't there yet, but keep on having birthdays and OLD will get there!!
    Love from Wildwood

  5. You paid a lot of money into that system and it's time to pull some of it out. You go girl!

  6. You are only as old as you feel! Enjoy!

  7. Well that all depends. I am 62 and got my first check last February. Some people wait until they are 65 and others wait until they are 67, so who decides which age is "OLD"?