Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Mia is searching....
and Max is thinking....
of a solution to the issues i'm having with my laptop computer...
It will not stay connected to the internet ...!

CityBoy was having the same issues...
we moved the router from downstairs to upstairs...
reconnected and his works like a charm....

But.....not me...!!

Maybe we need a new router....maybe i've got a bug-a-boo...
I'll let the MaleChild look at over the holidays...then we may be in for a trip to the computer Dr.

If i disappear don't worry..
I'm just having more issues...!!

Live in the Moment


  1. Sure hope you get those issues straighten around. What a bother it is when things don't work right! Hope your Wednesday is a wonderful one!

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  3. Technology is wonderful - MOST of the time! :)

  4. Max will come up with an ides, for sure. Whether it fixes the 'stay on the net' thing I am not sure.
    Hope it is something simple.
    Hugs from Orlando!!

  5. The cold weather may have something to do with it. A while back mine got this way and when the guy came out to fix it he had to fix something on the outside line before he got it working. Take care and stay warm.