Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Poor Max.....

He just over heard me talking to the dog groomer... a neighborhood terrier....we're not sure what sort of mix is in his blood line..
somewhere along the way there were some long hair genes....
as a result his coat is fine...very uneven...thick in some place and thin in other it's hard to find his mouth...eyes...and ears...
Now that he has developed skin issues, the cute vet suggested that we get him groomed, which should enable us to keep a closer watch on his problem areas...

He's never been groomed and is scared of the noise made by CityBoy's beard trimmer...
the groomer is gonna scissor clip him - with just a little clipper action in certain areas...
He's goin on Friday and i'll post pictures ...
Oh Yeah....!
Mia the Diva is also going.....just a bubble bath and nails...

Live in the Moment


  1. I hope Max just enjoys being pampered. I know the Diva will enjoy it. I would love it myself! Hope your Wednesday is a wonderful one!

  2. Hope Max survives the "grooming". I'm sure he'll feel better once all that fur is gone.

  3. He sure is a cute little thing. Glad that he found you to care for him.

  4. Love that picture of Max. Wow those kids have rough time at your house. Animal abuse, I can see the head lines now, and Max looking sad like a skinned mouse! hahahaha
    You are tough on the furry guys!!!

    Love from the North end of Florida's Main Street!

  5. Hope Max doesn't have a nervous break down but enjoys the attention.

  6. My animals feel wonderful AFTER the grooming.

  7. By the photo, Max has an idea the future is not going to be good. Best of luck with it all. Perhaps a little Holiday scarf will cheer him up!!!