Thursday, June 13, 2013

Huh.....? calling me....??!!
Ever since Mommy and Daddy put that new bug screen thingy over the front door...and is leaving the door open until bedtime...
I can come and go as I please ....
Last night I managed to get myself lock out when everyone went to bed...
and Mom thinks it's my fault she calls me "Coyote Bite".....
I'm just being a cat....thanks for letting me vent.....Misskitty signing off and out the door....
Everyday is a Gift


  1. Oh Misskitty, you poor thing! I am glad Mommy is letting you vent. Glad you are safe after your overnight adventure. Have a fun day.

  2. Miss Kitty you better pay attention and get in before the door locks from now on. Hope you have a better day than last night was.

  3. Miss Kitty is so pretty! Coming and going as she pleases, she needs to learn your routine

  4. Yeah Miss Kitty, you just be lucky you have 9 lives, the rest of us, and Max & Mia, must be careful. LOL

    But don't use the lives up too fast!

    Pets and meows from the hot low lands.