Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Time Flys.....

This past Monday, June 17th, was the 7th anniversary of the clan loading up the wagons and moving to the high country...
There was a small caravan of Mia and I in my truck with my sewing machines packed in the floor boards..
CityBoy in his truck pulling a trailer with all his treasures..
My parents in their Explorer hauling all the left over last minute stuff...
and a moving van headed for South Carolina...what you say....South Carolina..?
yep...they were taking a different route..
We left Florida at high noon, leaving a temp of 98* and a humidity of 110%...!!
Made it to Pullen, GA before we decided to stop for the night....
Mia thought staying in the motel was really cool....especially the English muffins with cream cheese and jelly she conned out of CityBoy for breakfast...
Then we proceed on up the road to the high country...
Max and Misskitty were waiting to be rescued..
New careers were on the horizon...
there was a whole new set of adventures waiting for us...
We've never looked back.....
Everyday is a Gift


  1. Happy Anniversary! I am trying to get my husband to do the same thing. So far - no luck. But I'll won't give up.

  2. I love it when a life-changing decision is make and not regretted. We are glad you chose to make NC your home.
    Us, we sorta switched from NC to FL for awhile, too hot in the summer, sold our place and moved back in the Motor Home. A good choice also.

    I am sure the fur babies like the mountains...

  3. Hi, The 17th is a very good day-we celebrate our anniversary on this day.
    I loved hearing your story-you were smart to move in June; we moved from Ca. to Co. the first of Dec. in the middle of a snowstorm(I hadn't driven in snow before), we had two cars and two moving trucks. What were we thinking!
    So glad everything turned out!
    Hugs, Noreen

  4. I love NC and would move in a heart beat had I lived in Florida! lol Glad it was a positive move for all of you.

  5. It is beautiful where you are now. Florida is nice, but that heat and humidity are awful. Happy 7th Anniversary.

    I've missed your blog. I took a long hiatus from blogging. I'm back now with a new blog.

  6. I'd say you made a wonderful move! You couldn't have found a prettier place to be for sure! Congratulations on 7 wonderful years!