Thursday, June 20, 2013

To Rain or Not to Rain....

...that seems to be the question of the day...
By the looks of outside this AM things could go either way..
Thank Goodness for automatic garage door openers...!
Everyday is a Gift


  1. Looks like rain is on the way. That is an amazing view. Even with the clouds it is beautiful. I would love to see that out my door.

  2. We are not supposed to have rain today. Yet looking outside it sure looks cloudy and rain like to me. Such a beautiful view from your house.

  3. No rain here today, just hot, hot and hot!

  4. Automatic garage doors are wonderful. Here at my house you have to walk from the garage to the house though. Hope you stay dry! Have a wonderful Thursday!

  5. Yeah, I love garage door openers. I have one for Shirls garages.

    While we are on the road, I press them every once in awhile just to keep her in line, they do work from a thousand miles away, don't they?
    ((HUGS)) to the mountaineers.

  6. Everything is so green there. It is brown and dry here in SoCal.