Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Happy Birthday to ya.....!

When we rescued Mia we were lucky and received her "papers."
The papers that included her shot record and her birthday...
Today she is 9 years old....!!
Happy Birthday Baby Girl...!!

When we rescued Max he had nothing and the vet said he was approximately 8 weeks old...That was September of 2006
We asked Mia....she said OK....... and just like his sister July 31st became his "official" birthday...
He's 7 years old today...
Happy Birthday Little Man....

They've asked for an ice cream cake...

Everyday is a Gift


  1. Happy birthday to Max and Mia! It's a great day to celebrate! Enjoy the ice cream!

  2. An ice cream cake for two sounds good to me! lol Have a great day celebrating their birthdays!

  3. Happy Birthday to the REAL M & M'S! Ice Cream Cake? Surely you misunderstood!!!!

    Love ya!

  4. Happy happy birthday! And many many more!!

  5. A very happy birthday to Mia and Max.

  6. When I rescued my Hiker girl from the shelter, their vet estimated her age to be about 1 year and 3 months or so. That was in October 2011 so I decided to make her birthday July 4th. She just turned 3 years old this month.

  7. Gee, you make me feel like a bad fur baby parent. Mighty was a stray so I haven't the foggiest. He only gets to celebrate Christmas.
    Happy Birthday to your adorable pair.

  8. Happy birthday to the beautiful bow-wows. And save some of that ice cream cake for me!!