Monday, July 1, 2013


...that's what i'm calling the hummers....!

Over the weekend CityBoy and i hung a third feeder....!
These feeders wholed one and one-half cups of hummer juice each...
and we're refilling at least two of them aday...

I may need a second we can afford the sugar to make the juice...
I know there's only one little tinny bird in this picture..
i couldn't get all eight to line up and stand still...!!

Everyday is a Gift


  1. You have some thirsty little birds there. That is a lot of hummer juice. I'm not seeing many here so far. Maybe I'm just looking at the wrong time.??? Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

  2. Hummers are my fav. For some odd reason, we havent had many at all this year. I have 3 feeders hanging and used to make the juice as often as you, but not this year. :(

  3. Not many Hummers here this year either...I ended up with only 1 of 3 feeders hanging.

  4. Lucky you having hummers. Many of our hummers were killed this past season due to a sudden change in weather and now we are only seeing a few of them. I miss their activity.

  5. At least they are coming to your feeder. I have a feeder out and have only seen 1 hummer one time. But yours does seem a little like Piglets. I miss my little guys.

  6. Yeah, but they are so danged cute!