Tuesday, September 15, 2015

By the end of the day....

We started the day with the smoke alarms "chirping"
You know that little "chirp" it gives you when the battery needs to be changed...
"Chirp!"........wait for it......."Chirp!"
It's just enough to drive the dogs nuts...
And then
I said..."let's go for a ride"
Pandemonium  sets in.....!!!
 the ride to the cute vet was uneventful.....Mia's heart sounds good and she now has a new med to help her with her breathing...
This dog takes more meds than I do....!!
Between the chirps....the ride....the vet....the new meds....and then going to work...
Mia and Max were ready for an afternoon nap.....
(me, too!)
.. Go For Your Dreams..


  1. Sounds like me after a morning volunteering at the animal shelter.

  2. I am reaching the time I enjoy the afternoon naps. Glad Mia is doing well, give her a hug from the flatter lands.

  3. I do know that sound! lol Glad Mia is doing ok and got a good report at the vet. Naps are always good in afternoon!

  4. Wonderful news for sweet Mia.
    Chirping smoke alarms drive me Krazy!!

  5. Yes, afternoon naps are a good thing for sure. Glad to hear the good news ! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday !