Friday, September 4, 2015

It took years.....

..of hinting...begging...pleading....and finally you're just gonna do it...!!
I finally got my storm door for the front entrance of the Park Office..
Now I need one little strip of all-weather stripping and I will be able to view the parking lot all 12 months of the year...!

I've already started the hinting,,,,begging,,,,pleading...

..Go For Your Dreams..


  1. Way to Go; I'm proud of you. Did you use the "tears act" when you were pleading? You know the "big eyes with a small tear just starting look"! Always worked for me at work. hahaha Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Glad you finally got the door 'of your dreams', now maybe you can get the weather stripping too! Have a great Labor Day weekend.

  3. Yeah, it is all about that squeaking wheel! hahahahaha

  4. What "red tape" is required for a piece of weather stripping?!? Hopefully it won't take as much effort as the door.

  5. I can appreciate having a door with a window. It took me years to get one here at my house and I love it too. Enjoy your view !