Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Lost keys...a horse...a dog

Last Friday I had a doctor's appointment in Winston-Salem....about an hour and fifteen minutes away.  When suddenly CityBoy said "let's take your truck."
Now when we take my truck I usually drive.
Since I was carrying my purse, a bag with water, snacks, all my meds and various things you might need, plus a bowl of dog food for Lula....I placed my keys on the bed cover of my truck...intending to pick them up on the way to the driver's seat.

When I got back to the truck CityBoy was in the drivers seat and I did not see my keys.
Well I thought he picked up the keys and decided to drive.

All was well until Saturday morning, getting ready for the grocery store tour... I asked for my keys
I don't have them he said...well neither do I.....I said!
And the search began.....
Garage- check
Storm drain - check
Driveway to garage - check
Both sides of the LONG driveway - check

We went on with the day thinking we would replace the keys on Monday.
Now I didn't mind  replacing the's those little plastic tags for 3 grocery stores, Walgreens, CVS...etc.  I was not looking forward to.

My grandmother had ESP.....she had the ability to see lost items and tell you exactly where the item was.  Good thing to have when you lose your keys...however..I don't have this talent.
This is where the horse comes into the picture.  Down the road from us is a farm that trains cattle horses....they ride them by our house  to get them familiar with traffic and use the shallow part of our drainage ditch to get them used to ditches, gullies, uneven ground...etc.
Mikey and I were coming home from our walk when we heard the horses coming toward we stopped under a tree to wait till they passed.
Sure enough they ran one of the horses up and down my ditch.
I knew Mikey would have to sniff out the area where the horse came across.
He kept sniffing and pawing at the gravel in the driveway.
I went to check what he was so interested in and there...
Bet granny was giggling up there in heaven......


  1. What a stroke of luck in finding those keys. I can just hear your granny giggling up in heaven.

  2. A great story with a happy ending. I love it.

  3. I love the story. Mikey is worth his weight! BUT the key ring sounds like Sherry's with all the attachments! ;-)
    Love sent from Pennsylvania,
    Sherry and jack

  4. Nice story about Mikey finding your keys.