Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gonna be a Good Day.....

Look at these funny little "bumps" of snow on my front porch.....

I'm sure yesterdays swirling winds created these for my amusement.....'s 7:30 in the AM and i've already found something that fascinates me....

.....the snow bumps....

The sun is coming up over the ridge.... classes ....and quilt guild has all been canceled for today....

which means ..... i don't have to go out in the messy, snowy, very cold, loveliness.....'s sooooo nice out......maybe i'll get some exercise by digging a path to the cars...

Or maybe not.....!

Plus....the winds have died down enough that the hungry herd is back at the feeder.....

Yep......gonna be a good day!!


  1. It does look a beautiful cold day in your neighborhood! Thanks for sharing all those gorgeous photos with us.

  2. Are those birds Juncos? I know my juncos eat on the ground below the feeder, while the finches eat AT the feeder.

  3. Have a happy, beautiful cold day at home.

  4. Your snow bumps kind of look like your mountains in the distance. Isn't it nice to be so easily amused? Have a wonderful day and stay safe and warm! That car can wait.

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  6. Snuggle in and enjoy! It's snowing just lightly here this morning much better than the last 2 days. Roads are clear and I'm at work. The pictures are beautiful.

  7. Don't you just love it though how the snow makes such incredible beauty through all the swirls, drifts, etc. However, I still want spring!! We've had so much snow this winter, it's time for those flowers to peak through, somewhere under the mounds of snow. Hugs

  8. Thank you so much for stopping by TNS. Seems like we tread a lot of the same paths in Florida.
    I spent Christmas in Royal Palm Beach and my sister still lives in Jupiter Farms.
    I only like Florida to visit these days. Like you, I am enjoying SNOW.

  9. I absolutely love the picture of the trees on the top of your blog....It reminds me of when I was a child in the UP of!!! LOL
    It is so beautiful and reminds me of the worship song: "White as Snow"
    Peaceful and relaxing sight...
    Thanks for the photos.
    Sandy in Piedmont Triad, NC

  10. Of course those snow bumps were created for your pleasure. How nice that you appreciate them.

  11. So, how many snow bumbs were there? LOL