Monday, February 22, 2010

How Rude.....

The fur babies and i were all sung in our bed early this AM...

when we were very rudely awakened....!!

No......not by the phone
No.....not by a pack of beagles running thru the yard.....
No.... not by car horns...or the school bus.....( today).... torrents of rain hitting the windows!!


Come on weather guys........we've still got snow on the ground....and now you bring us RAIN!!

Another children's song is running thru my head.....

Rain.....rain ....go away...
Come again another day.....




  1. We've got the same thing here. They said freezing rain but thankfully it's just rain not ice so far. More snow coming tonight.
    Take care! At least we don't have to shovel rain.

    Hope your Monday is a great one!
    'On Ya'-ma

  2. When it rains, it doesn't snow...LOL

    We've had the same problem. It's been snowing or raining since Christmas it seems. We are a wet sloppy mess.

  3. It'll hit us later. They say it will start as snow then turn to rain. Makes for big slop.

  4. Wish I could send you some California Sunshine.

  5. Well,at least it is not snow! We are supposed to get some flurries tomorrow night! Ugg..this is South Texas for goodness sakes! hurry up spring....please!

  6. Hopefully that rain will melt all that snow. Helen

  7. We had rain yesterday morning, then a little snow last night. It's overcast and there's still a bit of snow on the ground this morning. Here's hoping the sun will decide to peek out today.

  8. I'm sayin. I just came in from doin' chores and holy moly it's snowin' again here on the Ozark Pondrosa. Will it never end???

    God bless ya'll and have a glorious day!!!

  9. But there is really only ONE "Weather Guy" - - - with capital letters - - - and He doesn't always tell us the WHYS of the weather He sends.

    We're having rain here in the midwest too.

  10. Rain in Raleigh today as well....I wanted to turn over, pull the covers over me and my Chi's, and go back to sleep....a great day for it!

  11. that storm should be up here tonight in pa

  12. LOL. It rained here yesterday. You sure you aren't in Missouri?

  13. Those puppies are so lucky to have such a view! LOL