Friday, February 5, 2010

What's Happen'n.....??

This is what's going on at my house....SNOW....hummmm....go figure!!

I started just before midnight and hasn't quit yet.....

Looks like about 6-8 inches so far...
And the flakes are so big and heavy......i can hear them hitting the trees
......the front porch ...... the cars......the ground.......the dogs ......the cat....

Suppose to stop sometime this afternoon and turn into rain and ice.....
And then.....the dreaded......"Wintery Mix".....


Well.......think i'll snuggle in with Max...

Stay warm and Enjoy


  1. Coming from snow country, I'm used to that stuff. One of the things I like to do is brew a cup of coffee (extra bold and black)then sit in my chair and watch the snow fall. It gives you a wonderful sense of security, that you're inside, safe and warm, while encased in swirling white so thick that you can't even see the road.

  2. Good morning friend, I guess you got the storm we had Wed. eve-although we didn't get the same amount of snow-thankfully. So before you retired and moved to a new state(like we did), did you have snow? We didn't and my hubby has such a tough time during the winters here-just wondered if you had the same problem? I love winters here but do look forward to spring with flowers. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  3. Max definitely has the right idea!! Brrrrr!! We are supposed to get some snow again on Sun.night into Monday. As always here.....we will see. Hope you don't get that winter-y MIX....I hate that!! Enjoy your weekend.♥

  4. Our son and grands live in Pisgah Forest....they have snow and ice...we live here in the Piedmont Triad and it is freezing rain to rain, but snow last week....We are both from the North and I hate the snow...Lived in P'cola, Fl. for a time and hated to move away....But, God is Faithful, and keeping all the weather where He wants it to be....for our good and His Glory.
    Thanks for letting me share in your Blue Ridge events....

  5. Just cold and rain here in SC. If it's gonna be this cold......I'm just saying.

  6. We have some heavy snow heading our way today. I love your pictures. You're so lucky to have such a beautiful view to look at every day!

  7. Max definitely has the right idea. Love your pictures depicting what you see each morning. Such a beautiful scene, no matter what.

  8. Ok, that is just a neat 'snuggly' picture. Yep, cup of cocoa, Max, book, blanket, I'd be set for a while!

    Take care,

  9. It's a good thing you don't work all winter. Getting out could really be a problem there. We're to get alot of snow here too but it hasn't started yet. It'll come but so will the weekend and at least I won't have to drive in it for 2 days. Stay warm and cozy and just enjoy! I'm going to try to.

  10. I think Max is saying get that camera outta my face I'm trying to sleep.

  11. We're getting that here in IN right now too - - - only we don't have the 6 inches YET.

    I say if it's going to be Winter, let it BE Winter.

    I LOVE the snow.

    How's your ice bowl?

  12. Max has the right idea! We have about 6 inches so far but it is supposed to get heavy tonight. And the power flickered a little while ago. (we are ready :-)/
    Stay safe and warm!!

  13. You got ickier weather than Wisconsin? Wow....sorry to see that


  14. I would love to snuggle in with Max!