Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday.....

Once again....blogger.....would not down load my pictures...!!
I had some really good ones of Misskitty front porch sitting...
She lies....people....she lies...!!

Life is Good


  1. Well you are not alone. I've heard many others complaining of the same thing. I haven't tried to put pictures in for a good while due to the fact that my internet connection has been pretty slow here at home. Maybe I was having trouble due to blogger instead? Who Knows??? Anyway we'll hang in there and make the best of it...Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. We will just imagine them in our heads! :)

  3. Yeh, I had loads of trouble this morning, too. I finally checked the picassa cache, and, even if they showed not loaded, the pictures were all there.

  4. So far no trouble for me but I am not feeling confident.
    Frustrating huh?

  5. I can surely relate to the picture!!!! BUT I am hanging in here waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting and waiting for the comments blocks to come up. I have started playing a game of Freecell while waiting.
    Love Miss Kitty.

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  7. If I use Firefox,it blocks me from posting anything, it makes me really mad!