Monday, June 20, 2011

Cows.....We've Got Cows...!!

Yes Folks...
We've Got Cows..!!

Some of the local merchants decided that our little town needed a "landmark"
And what better place to put it than one of the most popular tourist attractions and business's in the county..

The Ashe County Cheese Factory....

Soooooo....the high school industrial arts class and some local builders got together and used the storage tanks outside the factory.....

We've got Cows....

Come on up....visit the girls.....they're friendly...
And make the best cheese, butter, local wine and local crafts in the area.

Boy....are those girls talented....!!

Life is Good


  1. You have cows, all right. And very big and beautiful ones at that. What a very clever idea on the part of all involved.

  2. I agree, that is a very creative way to feature your cheese etc...Hope your Monday is a great one!

  3. Where??? I have to see this!!!

  4. Your Cows are brilliant ~ what a great project they all took on ~ Ally x

  5. We love visiting the cheese factory. One of the girls from WAY up North (Mel, Cher or Dar) mentioned curds once. The last time we were at the cheese factory I bought curds for the first time, I loved them.

    Now I cannot wait for Sherry's expression when we drive thru there again. 'Tank cows'.

    Love from over in Lenoir until tomorrow.

  6. I must make a trip to the Ashe County Cheese Factory to see the COWS! :)
    and buy some cheese.

  7. Someone needs to put eyelashes on them. That is what I love about cows, their great eyelashes.
    Neat idea.