Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Still at it.....

Blogger is still at it....
Cannot download pictures on my home computer....!!
My angry Goggle image little bird will have to do...!!


This puts me in the perfect mood to deal with the dentist office billing department....

Tell how i could pay half of last months statement.....
then receive an EOB from the insurance company that they have covered part of the bill...
And then receive a statement in the mail yesterday..from the office....that the total is more than last month...!!??

There have been NO more visits to the dentist since March....

Can anyone out there explain this to me....
I was a bookkeeper for 25 years.....!!!

I need answers....

Life is Good....?


  1. My photos are uploading but it takes forever. There seems to be one problem after another lately.

    thank good ness for insurances, but they are difficult to work with. Just breathe.... don't sweat the small stuff. lol

  2. I had this same problem a while ago. Did a "work around" that was okay until blogger got it fixed. I was able to upload pictures directly to the Picasa album while NOT in blogger. Then when in blogger I could upload them from the Picasa album to the blog. Hope that helps!

  3. Between blogger and your dentist, I'd say your day wasn't off to a very good start at all. Sure hope it ends better than it started for you!

  4. I couldn't resist visiting a "Blue Ridge Boomer" since I grew up in a valley surrounded by the Blue Ridge mountains and I am almost a "boomer".


  5. Are you using the new editor or the old editor in your dashboard settings. I switched to the "new" and all is well and I like it a lot better.

  6. I switched browsers.
    That dental billing mess happens when the insurance payments aren't reconciled against each and every procedure code billed. It's very tedious and confusing.