Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MissKitty here.....

Yep.... it's me again...
On "watch duty" as usual....

If you ask me......there was to much porch sitting yesterday....!!
Mom kept mumbling things like....
"I'm not as young as i used be..."
"Seven days straight just took the life out'a me"

Of course those silly dogs were hanging onto her every word...
laying at her feet....following her around..
I even found them taking a nap on the big bed in the late afternoon....!!

The three of them need to start pulling their weight around here...

I can't be a "watch" cat 24/7.......a girl needs her naps and hunting time..!!

Oh well......today's another day....

Life is Good


  1. Aw, Miss Kitty, don't forget that your Mom works hard too. You do a great job, watching, but I bet you take a rest every now and then. Your Mom should be able to, also.

    Gosh, you're a pretty thing.

  2. Hopefully you'll get a much needed nap while your Mom is at home.

  3. Miss Kitty, you know porch sitting is one of my favorite things, but I do hope those guard dogs help you out a bit, naps are good things too. Have a TERRIFIC Tuesday!

  4. Miss Kitty,
    You certainly are a beauty! Nap when you are able since it is always good to help...

  5. Miss Kitty it is good to hear from you ~ you take as many Cat naps as you need ~ and enjoy your time and make those silly guard dogs take their turn at guarding ~ Ally x

  6. Shake those lazy dogs up. A well placed claw in the hinny ought to get them moving.

  7. I'm on your side Miss Kitty. build a fire under them. Good to talk to you, Max was beginning to use his cunning ways for sympathy in his log entries.

    This is the only site where I get to talk to animals. I feel like Dr. Dolittle (but then he was before your time)
    Love from down in the HOT flat lands.