Sunday, July 17, 2011

FemaleChild & Grands.....

....have fueled up the Jetta and are winging their way northeast for a quick visit....

the boys have a hankering for a visit to Tweetsie Railroad
and since the FemaleChild will start a grad program in the home schooling of the a new job for hubby and several 12 hr shifts a week for her at the hospital......
Five days off with nothing on the schedule meant...
....ROAD TRIP....!!

Sooo .....since i did nothing yesterday....except hop over to the grocery store for corn chips and finishing the latest Michael Connelly book......."The Brass Verdict"..
..excellent by the way......
I now have to" run with the Bulls" this AM and get loads of goodies.....the kind three teenage boys like......none of that low sugar......stuff....!!

I'm off to Wal*Mart with checkbook in hand....
I've only got six hours before they get here.....!!!!

Life is Good


  1. Nice picture.
    I can relate. Have a good weekend :)

  2. Sounds like you will all be having a great time ~ Enjoy your weekend ~ Ally x

  3. Ahhh Tweetsie Railroad, one of the first theme parks in North Carolina or maybe the South east. It was a wonderful pilgrimage for many of our family.
    We got to see Fred Kirby there, he was NC's answer to the singing cowboy. As a matter of fact only Roy Rogers beat him out for that part way back when.

    Have a great time and yeah, NOBODY wants the right snacks. hahahahaha. That is nobody under 30!

  4. I used to work at Tweetsie - for 2 years!

  5. What a great picture! I hope they're enjoying the visit. :-)

  6. Having just spent a wonderful week with most of my children and grands, I know how much you are looking forward to having your daughter and family for a visit...yes, they all do eat a lot. It seems like every time I turned around it was time for another meal. I'm home now and ready for a little rest from the vacation.