Friday, July 1, 2011


Whoa Baby...!!
Look at those eyelashes....!!

I am sooo ready for this weekend.....lots of front porch sitting....

No Wait...!!

This is the Christmas in July Celebration weekend.....
that means CityBoy will want to be out bright and early Saturday morning to get a good look at all the vendors and displays before the "crowd" gets there....

I don't care for crowds and this little festival averages about 75,000-100,000 people each year...
I'll just follow along behind him... let him look and carry on...i'll mumble or grunt occasionally so he'll know i'm still with him and if i grunt loud enough plus whine about my blood sugar...he'll feed me....

Now...if i could sit on a bench and people watch while he wanders around things wouldn't be tooooo's all the walking that gets to me.....walking.....that sounds like exercise to me....!!
And i gave up exercise for Lent.....

Life is Good


  1. I hope your weekend is fun even if you do get your exercise. We are doing a little Christmas at the camper this weekend too. Have a fantastic Friday!

  2. Some crowds bother me, some don't. The thing that would get to me this weekend walking around a crowd would be the heat. The heat + the walking would make me sweat. And I hate to do that. Maybe that's why I'm not good at exercising.

  3. Oh! I forgot to wish you a very happy Independence Day weekend.

  4. Yeh, I don't do festivals because there are just too many people around, so I feel your pain. Have a Happy 4th of July weekend, anyways. It's always a good time to remember how lucky we are to have been born in a country where freedom is cherished.

  5. Have a wonderful Independence Day weekend. Ally x

  6. Have a good 4th Of July week-end and don't get too tired. Thats a lot of people to deal with.

  7. I can tell you love it. I can't imagine the crowd there of that size. Amazing. I guess the critters will have to take what porch sitting they can get, when youget back. I heard max saying he was looking forward to proch sitting, or was that last week??

    Love from the flat land.

  8. No !!! Not Christmas, it is too early and I am not ready.
    Have fun watching folks.