Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thankful Thursday......

Today my "thankful" is geared to entertainment.....


I'm thankful for the written words.......books.....any kind...!!
CityBoy says i'm the only one he knows who even reads the instructions....!!

I love Books.......short ones.....long ones.....big ones.....little ones......picture books.....tiny little print books......bring'm on.....!!

And i am soooo lucky to live in an area that loves books.....
an area that enlarged the library so it would hold more....


Life is Good

ps......have no idea what happened to my picture.....hummmmm.......kind'a neat!!!


  1. I'm also a book lover so you can count on me to be thankful for them too. There is not a day goes by but that I'm reading one or sometimes two. That is a large library there. You are blessed! Have a wonderful Thursday!

  2. I'm encouraged to hear of at least one community that has expanded their library, in spite of the economy. Usually, that's one of the first things to be cut. I'm with you, there's nothing as satisfying as a good book.

  3. Love libraries. I feel I'm at home in a library.

  4. After we'd known each other only a short time, I knew my husband and I were kindred souls because like me, he'd read cereal boxes and other such things just to be reading. He gave me a Kindle last year and I love it. (He now has one too.) But I still love the feeling of having a book in my hands. Last weekend I bought 3 new ones to read.

  5. It is amazing to me that I did not discover the enjoyment and fulfillment in books until I got older. Until I was near my 60's I had never read anything other than work related stuff or 'INSTRUCTIONS' (And those after al else failed)
    Good entry.
    Love from down here.

  6. Since I got my Kindle, I do miss my library. They are delightful places to go and be quiet.

  7. I am also thankful for books. I love them so much. I recently bought a Nook and promised my husband all my books would go on it. Snuggling up with a Nook it just not the same. So Amazon and I are best friends again.

  8. Love books and reading - even to the point of reading a cereal box, if there is nothing else available!!!