Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Remember when.....

...we were complaining about this....??

In the 90's and humid in the high country today...
Thank the good Lord for A/C

Life is Good


  1. It wasn't me complaining for we don't get that much snow. Today I am complaining however. It has been 100+ for a week, reaching 107 yesterday. Talk about cabin fever.

  2. Hi there, I so agree; I love winter when you can stay inside but much prefer summer when I can get outside to walk or bike ride.
    We've had heat in the 90's, high humidity and tons of rain-so weird.
    Have a wonderful day and I too am thankful for a/c.
    Hugs, Noreen

  3. I have been thinking about snow for the past couple of days. How cold it feels when you pack it for a snowball. The dazzling white of a new fall. Snowangels. Shoveling. Uh, ok, maybe not the last.

  4. WHAT? WHAT? You scared me with the alert photo, snow in the higher elevations??
    But yeah I remember you pictures, so I am thinking 'col' here in South Georgia.
    From Grassy Pond, Sherry & Jack

  5. The snow picture looks good to this hot south Texan.

  6. I'm not complaining!!! Winter was very long this year.

  7. We've been over 100 degrees for twelve days straight. Then, today thunderstorms popped up and brought precious rain, dropping the temperature 30 degrees! What a blessing!