Tuesday, January 17, 2012

One of those days.....

....maybe i should take Mia's advice and "just relax"...!

I had four things to accomplish today....
  • schedule my mammogram
  • schedule my surgery
  • fix the boo-boo i made on my unemployment claim this past week
  • and update my application with the State Parks
The day is half gone and i'm only got two and a half things crossed off the list..

  • Mammo.....Oh great!! they had a cancellation tomorrow...
  • Up date app tomorrow after mammo.....and maybe lunch with the park girls....
  • Girls at doctor's office must speak to the Dr. before they schedule me and the Dr. is in surgery....
  • Busy signal.....busy signal.....busy signal.....that's all i get from the unemployment "help" line - leads me to believe i wasn't the only one that had a problem on Sunday..

The problem was another "security code" issue....
i now need a security code answer along with my pin number...

I must have a subconscious aversion to "security codes"

Live in the Moment


  1. Go ahead, git the list crossed off. The heck with the phone drive down!
    Funny that used to be an option, drive and talk to a real person. Sometimes that is no option. I tried that with a power bill in Belmont, YOU MUST MAIL, or do it on line.
    I cannot hear, but I do remember the frustrations with the busy signal!!!!
    Hang in there. Warm thoughts sent from Florida.....

  2. Thanks for the reminder, I've been meaning to call and schedule an eye appointment but I really think I'll just wait until January is over. The weather is too iffy to be pinned down to an appointment right now. Hope your phone / pin number problem rights itself soon.

  3. Two and a half crossed off reeks of success to me. Hope you knock out the other one and a half and nail 100% or maybe pull up next to Tia and just relax. Tomorrow is another day.

  4. Best wishes for all your to do list!

  5. At least you are making some progress:)