Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Told Ya......

The Happy Couple is hitched....

The wedding was small...just family...
and just about perfect....

And guess what we brought from Florida with us....
That's right...
Started to snow as we were coming up our driveway...
and is still snowing...

Told ya......a trip to Florida would do it...!!

Live to the Fullest...


  1. Okay, but you left the CCCCOOOOLD down here, it is 35 this morning and going down to 23 they say tonight. NOw you know that is nearly a sin here.
    Glad you got the couple hitched and now you can hibernate and enjoy your mountain home.

  2. Congratulationes! The couple looks cute and happy and the snow ain't bad either.

  3. It is suppose to be 17 tonight in N. Florida! I would love some snow!

  4. Glad you made it safe and sound. It's ok if it snows now, at least you won't be driving in it. Snuggle in and keep warm. It is snowy and very cold here today.

  5. And here I thought it was my family returning from California that brought the snow. Now I know you are responsible. Are you also responsible for these freezing temps (brrrr) or would you like to put that on someone else? :)

  6. Oh what a pretty pic of the happy couple. I'm so glad you made it home before the snow got too deep.
    What great licenses plates you saw thanks for sharing.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  7. PS
    It is 30 degrees colder here today than yesterday. High about 35 with wind. But as per usual in Raleigh...it is a short lived cold snap warmer by Thursday.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  8. Congratulations to the happy couple andwelcome back!

    No snow here... enjoy yours!

  9. Surely are a grand looking couple.
    We have the cold, no snow yet. Still hoping.