Monday, September 2, 2013

Back on Track.... can't decide if we should have fog today or not....

Hi!....I'm back...took a little unplanned break...
Nothing dramatic...I was just tired...

Sometimes you reach a point when your "just tired"....
so i told the guys at work last Wednesday I was taking Friday off and gave myself a 4 day weekend.....cause I was "just tired."

August was a busy month around the twelve acre woods...
3 birthdays
1 anniversary
Family dinner every Sunday (love'um)
August was 5 weeks long and slow moving....ugh

I was "just tired"

So i've "piddled" for the last few days and now the brain has switched back on and i'm even thinking of work tomorrow...

Sometimes your "just tired" and need to recharge....

Everyday is a Gift


  1. Yelp, you are so right!! Glad you had a recharging break!! We are having rain here today!

  2. Everyone does need that time to recharge. So glad you got a 4 day weekend to rest up. August was a long month and I'm glad now to see September roll in.

  3. Boomer a recharge is reasonable and glad you took it. Hope you are feeling well rested!

  4. Hopefully you got some reading in.