Thursday, September 12, 2013

Battle with the Fleas

The war rages on...!

Mia is not to bad...occassionl itching...controlled by Hydroxyzine.

But Max...!
Max looks like a chew toy...ugh
So it's back to the vet today for "something"..."anything"
We tried antibiotics...steroids...anti itching pills/ Benadryl...
a vinegar and water mixed spray...we've sprayed the yard....washed the throw rugs..

Whew.....we're tired and still itching...

Yesterday, my brother and SIL had a vet that comes to the house and does laser therapy,
she treated their little SammiBear and so far Sammi has had "some" relieve...

That maybe the next maneuver in this war..
Any suggestions from out there in blogger land...?

Everyday is a Gift


  1. That is terrible. I was always able to control the fleas with the pills and the shots the vet gave out, but they do say now lots are having trouble. I guess it is a good thing I no longer have any pets at all here. Poor little guys, I hope you find some relief for them soon.

  2. I always gave the dog and cats a pill that killed the eggs and within a day all of the fleas were gone...Don't know what the pill was called, but it worked....Some years are worse than others for fleas...
    That's all I know of....Hope the fur babies get some relief soon...
    Love from High Point

  3. Looks like you've done it all except for the garlic treatment. It is exasperating dealing with fleas and the itching/scratching.

  4. I know your frustration...we are fighting the battle with our cat.He went to the vet, had the shot, pill and Advantage plus. Still has fleas but getting better. I comb hime with a special comb every morning and night. I grab the fleas off the comb with some toilet paper and flush them in the toilet( I wait until the flush is almost done so they go right down.
    I did 2 flea bombs on Tuesday, upstairs and in the basement.
    We are giving him a bath in the Original Dawn dishsoap tomorrow.
    I vacuum everyday and spray flea spray lightly in the vacuum ( just in case)
    It is getting better. Oh and my cat never goes outside.
    Good Luck!

  5. Ouch, I feel for you. I use the pill Comfortis for Mighty and so far so good. I understand however it will interact badly with Ivermectin if you use that for heart worm protection.