Tuesday, October 22, 2013

For Bill and Carol....

...this is just three of the wollyworms on my back porch yesterday...

If you look real close ... you'll see each one is telling a different story about winter....

Thanks for the facebook picture and advice...
I'm sticking with the beans in the jar....!


Everyday is a Gift

ps......light snow Wednesday night...yahhhhhhh..!!!!


  1. I love watching those caterpillars . Please don't mention the "s" word; winter comes all too quickly here as it is. Have a great day. By the way how did the beads in the jar forecast turn out?

  2. For the first time that S word has appeared in our weather forecast for this week too. It'll probably be a mixture with nothing accumulating but still I did hate to see it. Hope you have a terrific Tuesday

  3. When we hear the S-word, we head to your home state. TIME TO GO!

  4. I am so looking forward to Autumn leaves and snow this year. Hope I get to see some of both!

  5. We haven't seen any "wooly worms" around here. Yours are definitely telling different stories.

  6. Now that was funny Boomer! My sis was remarking about that she had not seen any wooly worms and then all of a sudden they were everywhere. Throw that in the same pot as the ground hog seeing his shadow and a longer winter (or not). Not really a believer, but its fun to get excited! :-)