Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treat....!!

Well let me tell you the prices on the "affordable" insurance packages are scary....
the package i'm considering is $373 a month and that is with $3500 deductible plus the discount..!
Plus did you know there is a Federal Plan and a State Issued Plan...?
Seems the states that are Republican by nature came up with there own plans for the voting population of their part of the country...
Guess what North Carolina is...come on guess...??!!
Maybe if your in the same tax bracket as Bill Gates and Sam Waldon....
Is affordable health care really affordable.....
Maybe the sticker shock caused yesterday's asthma attach....hummmmm...
Everyday is a Gift


  1. Methinks we are in a mess. Once in the mountains my BIL said let's get some honey. We stopped and bought a couple quarts with comb. (He had false teeth)
    going down the road he turned to me and said, "I'm in a mess!" He had tried to chew some comb.

    This is gonna be worse than that. What a MESS!

  2. Sending you Happy Halloween wishes!

  3. Insurance is scary business and although we hope never to have to use it, we got to have it. We'll I hope that there are no more scary things coming your way and that you have a Happy Halloween!

  4. I think the Hospitals is going to lose money for a lot of people can't pay (or want) for Insurance and I think most hospitals
    still has to admit them.

  5. Love the doggie photo! Our country is definitely getting more tricks than treats......
    Happy Halloween!

  6. Had to laugh at Jack69's response, but have to concur WHAT A MESS! What is also going to be a shock to the voters is the fact if they don't get insurance their going to be taxed over it. The poor will just get more poor and will probably decide filing taxes isn't beneficial.