Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Leaves....we've got leaves....

The leaves have peaked...
and if you want to see them..
better hurry...!!

The winds are brisk and the foliage is falling fast...!
Just a few outside my door at work..
makes playing in the leaves easy...!!

Everyday is a Gift


  1. I'm hoping we get a nice day here soon to take a drive into the country and see some of that wonderful color in the trees. Yes, leaves are everywhere here too.

  2. Yesterday was nice here so we mulched the leaves in our yard. Very little color here mostly brown this year.

  3. Time for another season change. Snow flurries here!!!

  4. Still waiting for that "peak" here, though we have a low temperature of 28 degrees predicted for Saturday morning!

  5. Planning a trip along Blue Ridge Parkway next week, hope they are still there!

  6. Strange how life has changed. Years ago we would be on a tour of the mountains to see the beauty of the FALL COLORS. Now the traffic is too daunting on many mountain roads, and we enjoy the color where we are.

    Enjoy it, you are blessed with great views.

  7. Aw, how pretty. We are just getting started here. Our past few years have been disappointing. We are hoping for better this year.