Monday, December 16, 2013

Spurt of Spirit.....

The stockings are hung...
the cards are addressed and will go in the mail today..
the teeny...tiny...tree is up and glowing...
the mantel is done...
the hearth is done...
the Christmas goose is on the table...
the shopping is done...
(hey!... don't hate me ... when you've got grown kids and teenage grand kids...
Money is the answer to gift giving..!)

I had a surge of Spirit yesterday and got it all done..
I'm so tired....I'm debating about going to work today...

Everyday is a Gift


  1. There's nothing wrong with a gift of money. What do you think I'm giving this year. If you don't give me a wish list that is what you get. I'm getting too lot to try to figure out what the younger generation wants as a gift - at least one that I can afford. hahah

  2. $$$ is good for the young here too. You worked so hard yesterday, I think you deserve a day off!

  3. AMEN AND AMEN, The smart senior remembers, yes the best gift for the older guys!!!

  4. Sure would be nice to have it all done. Still a few things to finish up here!

  5. These stockings are so cute!

  6. You have definitely been busy!

  7. I'm set too!!! Just have to pick up a few groceries for Christmas eve, and clean the bathrooms. Whoopeee let 'er happen!!!

  8. I have old kids and teen grands and they want gifts not money..woe is me..I am going to start buying ugly Christmas Sweaters for the whole lot of them.
    Congrats on being done! :)