Friday, December 6, 2013

Weather Whoas....

Yesterdays thunderheads turned into today's rain...
Today's rain will turn into tomorrow's ice storm...
Tomorrow's ice will turn into Sunday's snizzle...
And the beat goes on...!!

Stay save and warm

Everyday is a Gift


  1. I don't like snow but that word snizzle makes me smile. It truly isn't nice at all though when you consider it's a mixture of snow and drizzle. Take good care !

  2. The "S" word is a bad word for me, but I love your new version of it snizzle. Stay safe and warm and have a great weekend.

  3. Every day is a gift, and especially here in your home state..
    WE are visitng the area of Mickey's home, but will not go see him, but will enjoy the fireworks.

    Love from Orlando...

  4. I know lots of people will think I am crazy, but I love winter and the snow, fireplaces, hot chocolate, etc. I am not a hot weather, beach person at all. Love seeing your world.

  5. Stock up the larder and bat down the

  6. Same here. Good times for the weekend! lol

  7. I'm glad someone explained what "Snizzle" means, lol. We're getting a bit of snow here Boomer in Southern, complaints and no Snizzle! ;-)