Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bobsled teaming.....

Lead by the fearless Jamaican that lives in the Tom-Tom..

The ladies of the parks once again ventured down out of the mountains to a OA conference over at Haw River State Park.
Everything was going great and we were having great fun until we drove into the "Ice Storm from Hell" ..
The last 30 miles or so can be described by the picture above...
We got in the center lane...reduced speed way down....and let the rest of the world pass us by....

We made it....had a wonderful time.....learned lots of good stuff...and drove home to a sunshiny Carolina blue sky...!!
It's good to be home...!

Prayer request....please all of you out there in blogger land say a little prayer for the park lady that could not travel with us...she has been ill for the last two weeks and this morning i got word that she was admitted to the hospital...

..Hope is Forever..


  1. I am more than happy to say a prayer for your friend. I pray that God heals her and restores her to good health.

  2. Good entry, scary trip glad youall returned in the sunshine.
    Prayers here....

  3. Sending prayers for the park lady.