Monday, March 17, 2014

what is going on...?

..there's rain..
..there's sleet..
..there's fog..
Hey...!...Mother Nature..!
I paid my dues last week.....i
I've got the receipt...!

Ohhhhh...Calgon take me away...
No tubs in the house only showers...?!
Maybe i'll just mix up a bucket full and pour it over me...

..Hope is Forever..


  1. Here is a good one for you. Sunday the sun was shining and it was snowing. Go figure?

  2. Ah ha, the bucket ain't a bad idea!!!
    We noticed on our home town camera in Belmont, they have rain, we have rain, all God's children got rain...

  3. My first visit here – found your blog on As Time Goes By. Weather is certainly erratic. When we went to the quilt show in Roswell last week it was sunny and 78 F – I thought spring was here for sure. Today it is raining and 48 F – where has spring gone?

  4. It seems we are going to flip a switch between Winter and Summer, crazy!

    It is snowing here again and by the end of the week, we're to have 70s weather.

  5. The weather is getting so tiresome!

  6. We had just snow in our neck of the woods, and it's melting quickly, and I'm okay with that!

    Hope you're doing well, and your day is ending on a good note!!

  7. I don't know what I'd do with out my tub and bubble baths...they do take away a lot of ills. We had some sunshine here even though it's still very cold, but thankfully most of the snow has melted. It's not green but we do still have grass in the yard. We'd not seen much of it this winter. Hope the sun shines for you very soon !