Tuesday, March 11, 2014


...we're having transportation issues...!

Last Thursday, after i had loaded the fur babies into my truck for a trip to the groomer...
I got about 1/2 mile from the house and my little truck started making a noise that sounded like a flock of birds were under the hood and they were not happy...
CityBoy was following me...so.. i pulled over and let him take a listen...
"Sounds like something is wrong (DUH)....follow me" he said...
off we went to Big Dave the mechanic down the road...

"Hummmm...sounds  like your harmonica something-or-the-other is frozen and you probably need a new belt"...said Don/Darrell (not sure on which "D" he was)
I didn't know my truck could play the harmonica....such a hidden talent...
$306.00 later my truck was soundless once again..
And then...
CityBoy asked....."Could you look at my brakes?"
Guess where his car is today....
Yep....that's right
Don/Darrell at Big Dave's is a happy camper today...!!

..Hope is Forever..


  1. Too bad about your vehicles. My Mr does most of my repairs thanks to the Lord. That keeps our money in our pockets well at least more of it. Glad you are back on the road. What would we do without our cars I have often wondered. And I live in town.

  2. Big Dave is making some serious money off you guys. Its a good feeling to know your vehicle is in good running order. Safe travels.

  3. Our cars, telephones and computer breaks down and we are helpless or at least I am. Glad you are up and running.

  4. Sounds like double trouble for sure. Hopefully that is the end of it for you for now.

  5. Yeah, you keep in tune with the harmonic balancer! (smile) Yeah enough already, somebody else need one of the 'D' guys attention. (smile) Glad all is well for now..