Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How'd I Do that....?

Can you see it..?

No....not the nails i cut very short...
No...not the itchy dry skin...

I broke the tip of my ring finger on my right hand...

How you ask..?!

Well....i keep a towel on the sofa to catch all the dirt from the fur babies feet....
and in my haste to straighten up and settle down to watch the Oscars..
Seems i was a little too rough on tucking in the towel...
Yes....i broke it tucking in a towel...!

It doesn't hurt.....it didn't swell....i can move it...i can type with it...it's pretty much normal except it looks funny...

I have to wear a finger brace at night and use a nerf exerciser ball and maybe it will get back to where it should be and maybe not....

I think i need a big ole honking diamond ring to wear on that finger....
then i can tell people the weight is making it droop...

Sound good to me...

..Hope is Forever..


  1. Thankfully it doesn't hurt and you can use it. That is unusual. Hope it's back to normal soon for you. A nice ring would be nice to remember the occasion by. A girl can always hope!

  2. I like that idea of a big ring! Hope you heal fast!

  3. Glad it isn't too bad. I like the idea of a big ole honking diamond to cover it up. haha

  4. Ouch! Glad it doesnt hurt and I like the ring idea too!

  5. Good to hear it doesn't hurt!

  6. Sorry about the break. I think you should look into the ring idea :D

  7. Amazing, but methinks you are made different. The rest of us would be screaming (at least some!).
    Take care of it and Stop the TUCKING so hard,(I know you don't need that advice!)
    Hope it heals better and I am sure the BIG ROCK is coming soon!!! Same with Spring...
    Love ya!

  8. Glad it doesn't hurt and like your idea on the ring, lol. Maybe I should try that too! I have a chip fracture on the other hand, same finger! Mine was trying to hold back my niece's german sheperd the wrong way and she took off and I nearly did a face plant on the carpet! It has never really healed and I did not go to therapy (shame on me)!