Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It finally happened!!!

I finally let all those "gloom and boomer's " on TV get me know....the ones that have those "pieces of interest," about the state of the economy or how to improve your personal finances...........

Seems like every station i turn to on the DISH....there is someone telling me how bad things are and what i need to do to improve them........ugh!!!

Now..... i'm like the old farm mule ...that just plods along knowing that my Lord and Master is in charge and He will provide for may not be what i want or feel i need ...but, He always guides me along the right pathway in life and provides for me along the journey.....

This morning as i looked out on the barren, cold, stark woods on the northwest corner of our land....i let the "Pity Party" begin!! I was stressing about how to pay for the crown needed on the tooth i broke last to pay the bill for the propane put into our tank yesterday (they just showed up .....filled the tank and left the bill!!) to cover last weeks service charge from the utility company and the increasing interest rates on those credit cards i'm trying to pay off.........self-pity is a miserable companion....!!!! the mule......after about 30 minutes of this nonsense....i took the bit in my teeth and had a heart-to-heart talk with that little voice in my head............."God is in charge ...He will provide.....and you will survive....!!!"

OK........time to harness-up and start the day.......!!!

Stay safe and warm out there.............................


  1. I think the combo of the weather and economics has us all whining now and then. Thankfully, the good Lord promises us he will take care of by day. 'On Ya'-ma

  2. I know these kind of days take there toll, but you've done the right thing in remembering who takes care of us. Take care,

  3. I would think that one would have to be completely out of it, to not get down once in did the perfect thing!! You know that you & your family are children of the living God, and he will keep you. Don't worry friend, the valley will be behind you tomorrow! Blessings~Sharon

  4. I agree, He alone takes care of us. I've gotten so I don't listen to the news near as often as I did. I don't want to bury my head in the sand, yet the doom and gloom gets very depressing at times.

  5. I get so upset and then realize that He will provide for us and life goes on. Of course, the news stations don't help will be what it is!

  6. Thanks for the encouragement and the reminder of who is in charge. I too have been down about the economy, finances and our personal business which employs half my family. God will pull us through in his time and in his intentions not ours. It is hard to hold on to when you are down but you have to have faith.

  7. It's easy to get down & out when you watch the news, but we know GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL! I'm so thankful that HE IS TOO! HUGS:) to you dear friend!